Based in Columbia, the Foster Law Office, LLC assists businesses throughout South Carolina in an array of transactional and litigation matters. Our goal is to foster a long-term working relationship with your business, so that you are confident contacting us anytime a legal need arises. Whether you are a new business that needs assistance with entity formation or contractual agreements, or a large corporation facing a costly dispute, contact us today. for a consultation.

Business Formations and Transactions

Choosing the best business entity for your enterprise is an important decision that can have significant tax and legal consequences for the duration of the business.

To help you make the best choice, we discuss your long-term goals and determine whether a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership, or limited liability partnership (LLP) is the best option for accomplishing these goals. Once you decide which entity you prefer, we will assist you with preparing & filing all of the necessary documentation so that your business is properly registered with the Secretary of State.

In addition to assisting you with entity formation and creating the related documents, we provide a full spectrum of transactional services, such as contract negotiation and drafting, lease and real estate transactions, and other agreements.  We know the importance of drafting careful, thorough agreements that minimize the risk of future litigation, and will work with you to create documents that will protect the interests of your business.

Business Disputes

Despite the fact that we execute contractual agreements with the goal of preventing litigation, disputes can sometimes prove impossible to avoid. In these situations, we have significant experience handling all kinds of business litigation, including breach of contract, partnership disputes, dissolutions, and real estate disputes. We know that even one dispute can have a significant impact on your operations and profitability, and take the time to develop a strategy that will help you accomplish your business goals and resolve the dispute in an expedient and cost-effective manner.